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All About Gragong

All About Gragong
Book Title: All About Gragong
Book Author: Zainuddin Jamil
Year Published: 2009
Publisher: Al-Ameen Serve Holdings Sdn.Bhd
ISBN: 9789833991785
Weight: 0.23  kg
No. of Pages: 24
Cover Format: Hard Cover
Size (W x H): 210.00 X 210.00 mm
W/M Price: RM19.90
E/M Price: RM21.90
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Price: RM19.90
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SINAGANAGA, graphic designer, ilutrator, writer and blogger comes from the historic mousedeer-kick-dog town of Malacca in Malaysia and evolved into his present persona with Kuala Lumpur as his multifaceted backdrop. He considers himself the 'general' to a group of urban male friends who call themselves Sindiket Sol-Jah, who chat away their time at the local kedai mamak plotting to inject that 'post-pop' ingredient into their artworks for their DIY publlications.

No longer involved in such harzardous as mountain-climbing, Sinaganaga now focuses on the mysteries and wonders of the digital media as offered by the handycam and digital camera.

Sinaganaga has taken part in the NOMA Concours for Children's Picture Book Illustrations and also illustrated for Asia/Pasific Cultural Centre for Unesco (ACCU), Tokyo.

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